Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks from a Tate Author

Dr. Tate,

It has been my intent to do this for some time; know us Author's...always "gettin'-n-goin' and forgetting to get to the important things..." (I'm kidding of course, but I should have done this weeks/months ago!)

I want you to know how ultimately thrilled I have been with Tate Publishing's services, peoples, communications and developmental procedures during the production work with my book! It would, in fact, be an understatement to simply state my intent of thanks as "awesome(!)" because the entire process provided me an overall unforgettable, positive, experience beyond what I can easily express. Not only was the production work completed in a timely manner, it was done speedily as well - and with no lack of quality! My "team" of folk who worked with me were all quite helpful, considerate, understanding, easy to talk to/communicate with, and willing to do whatever it took to complete their involved stages of work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Little "lag time" was involved, and things moved along rapidly...and usually even ahead of schedule! Needless to say, I am extremely happy with Tate's overall system and peoples in readying my work to be presented to the world...

I would like to extend my deepest thanks in gratitude to all those specifically involved with me - first to you, Mr. Tate (who I initially made submission to because I could not seem to be able to do it through the website. Thanks, Ryan, for being so quick to make sure I had response!), and to you also, Rachael, for being so helpful and "on the spot" when I needed to speak with you. Thanks to Dave Dolphin, Curtis Winkle, and Melanie Hughes - each of which played their own important roles! Thanks to my team...Stacy Baker (Acquisitions), Molly Crofford (Acq's Assistant), Lauren Downen (Copyediting), Vince Conn (Editor), Joey Garret (Layout & Design), Leah LeFlore (Design), Amber Gulilat (Graphics), Melissa Madole (Audio Book), Travis Hampton (Book Trailer), Marianne McShane (Website), and Jennifer Shelton (Distribution). Please let each of these folk know how very pleased I am with what they have done for me!

Speaking of my "team"...
The book I now have out is the first of two to tell the entire "original" story (more books coming in the follow-up series later!), and since I am so very highly pleased with those I worked with, I am hoping you will consider allowing me to have the same team when time comes for production on the "continuance" novel. My intention toward "why" is as follows:
First, I came to know most of them well, as they did with me, on a more "personal" level through our communications. They are already familiar with my own work ethics and "ways of wanting/needing to do things according to the content of writings" - including the way "I" intentions, goals, desires, interactions with them, etc. - as well as being familiar now with my style of writing and "purpose of content" within the storyline.
Secondly, I am also familiar with how they each work and/or "operate" within their separate fields of expertise...(and wow, am I impressed!)
Third, in regarding my first two points, I would see it being highly beneficial and productive to again work with "familiarity" rather than having to basically start over with someone new. This, of course, includes everyone from Acquisitions to Final Hard-copy...(ready for marketing and mass distribution)
Fourth, and with all the above in mind, I see this as a way to take production through an even speedier process!
...Perhaps you may agree? I hope so...because getting this second half "out there" is imperatively important, as it is "the story!" Without it, the first is merely an unfinished storyline (...everyone I know who has read the "beginning" is highly anxious for the continuance/conclusion). In fact, the sooner it gets out, the more it will generate sales for the first book as well.

Please pardon my "ramble" there, but the excitement I am feeling from what Tate Publishing has done for me is phenomenal! I cannot help but to want to get things rolling again - as soon as possible. Truthfully, I have found that the production process in and of itself is quite the exhilarating "ride," and I'm anxiously awaiting to get started again! Now...if I can just get Marketing to rev up their engines, amp up the energies, and put us in position to quickly move forward...

Thank you both again for providing the services of a truly honest and integrated publishing company that is inspirational, forward moving, highly professional, and most of all, treats its "clients" with the integrity, respect and guidance that makes us ALL successful! I am proud to let the world know that I am a published Author - and that Tate Publishing is at my side to make it so! I look forward to a continuing relationship with you, and all those within your company...

Be well, my friends...and may your dreams be fulfilled as you are doing for me!

Dave M Author