Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When you are as large a company as is Tate Publishing you are not below the radar. We observe daily bloggers, internet sites, media outlets, newspapers, and everything else across the planet where our name or the names of our authors are mentioned. We see them all and reply in kindness. There is so much confusion in the world about publishing we discount most of the foolishness due to a lack of understanding. We always offer a contact for anyone on any blog site and to date after offering that many times we still do not have a taker. It makes me aware of the fact that folks who are rejected by our company (98% are who submit) don't handle that very well. That is understandable. However, our authors many times see these blogs and reply themselves. They are the best source of understanding. We have carried an A+ rating with the BBB for years and plan to continue to operate in a manner that will see that continue. The posts below are for your insight. They are from two of our authors who were responding of their own volition to nonsense they had read on a blog...enjoy.

Date: 12-16-09 11:36

I do not understand why so many people keep saying such wretched things about Tate, I got offered a contract, and If you actually talked with them.......they are soo..willing to work with people if they want to! That of course is up to them, I haven't had a bad experience yet..I can't wait til my book is printed!! I think they are amazing so far...and I am sure they will exceed my expectations! I email them pretty much daily...Stacy to be exact, and she takes the time out to answer me, every single question...anytime!

Re: About publishing with Tate
Author: M. L. Date: 12-20-09 23:31

I recently had my first book published by Tate, and it was just released... I wrote this book last year when I was deployed to Iraq. I never planned on writing a book, but God put this in my spirit while in the desert. The day that I arrived home on American soil from Iraq, I got online and looked for Christian publishers and Tate seemed to be the most credible. I emailed them my manuscript and they called me the same day to tell me they wanted to publish my book. I was very excited about this because I am a "nobody" in this industry and Tate wanted to bring me in. The publishing process was kind of lengthy but I was kept informed of everything that was happening. I had the final "say so" of anything concerning my book and I was impressed by the follow up of any issue I addressed. I was very satisfied by my book cover design and the book layout. My book is in all bookstores nationwide along with having done some television interviews that can be seen on YouTube. I am new to this industry but my vision for my book is a motion picture and music sountrack, thus proving that our God is almighty. I thank Tate Publishing for giving me the opportunity to worship God through my writings and I look forward to what God is going to do with my book


Tate Publishing has always been on the cutting edge of the publishing business. The newest additions to our marketing programs which are the best in the industry for our few authors who get published by our house is not only the fabulous new 3-D children's books, but now, every Tate author book which releases will be featured and advertised in commercials produced in our media division and aired NATIONWIDE during the release of the work. Now the potential for millions to see the new release and information about the work sets Tate Publishing authors miles ahead of anyone else. Congratulations to our authors and to our staff for this fantastic new element of our nationwide marketing program.
Dr. Tate


What do all of these famous artists have in common? They have all been visiting with our staff at Tate Publishing about their book and music projects. We are delighted to see such fine individuals becoming a part of the Tate Publishing family.
Dr. Tate


Tate Music Group Now offers a brand new service to all TMG artists. We are now creating and producing Viral Commercials that will help promote the artist, album and single.

Viral videos in themselves can be used in a number of ways to promote an artists music, from being uploaded to their MySpace page, to being played before a performance, and even going straight to YouTube and other video sites. Tate Music Groups team of Multimedia Producers will build the Viral Commercial around the artist’s music, using their photos and album artwork to capture potential consumers and build excitement and visibility for the music.

Not only do we hand over the video to our artist in order for them to use as they see fit but Tate Music Group also guarantees National and Regional TV exposure on major music TV networks (MTV, MTV2, VH1, CMT, BET, FUSE...). TMG is running national and regional commercial spots based around album release dates, events or for a blanket periods of time.

This is a huge game changer as it allows TMG to guarantee National TV exposure to any artist who wants to take advantage of this option.


I received a nice contact from a mom of 5 children who wanted to know if I would be interested in a book written from a mature experienced mom to younger mothers. I would be delighted to have our staff take a look and get back to you. Please contact me and send a copy of your work for our review. I look forward to your contact at richard@tatepublishing.com
Dr. Richard Tate, Founder

Monday, December 7, 2009


The publishing arm of our company was thrilled to have the long time manager of the Oak Ridge Boys to publish his breakout book with us, "How to Make it in the Music Business." It is a fantastic book written by Jim Halsey who has managed and created the careers of some of the top names in the music industry.

He was visiting with us this week when country music artist of the year Mr. Neal McCoy was in town talking with us about several projects. To our amazement, Jim presented to Tate Music Group a guitar signed by all the Rolling Stones. It is an incredible piece of history which will be proudly displayed in the music studios. Thanks to Jim Halsey for this gracious act.


When my son, who is President and CEO of our companies told me he had challenged our production staff to come up with a way to create our children's books in 3-D I never doubted him and our staff for a second.

Only two weeks later, we began to roll off the presses the only 3-D children's books in existence. Every Tate Publishing children's book will now be available in a 3-D version with glasses included in the book for viewing.

When I saw the final product I was absolutely amazed! On each page it appears you can "reach into" the action. What a great benefit to each of our authors. Once again, our fine staff have raised the bar to a new level of achievement. 3-D children's books today and who knows what amazing things will come tomorrow? Hologram books??? Don't put it past them at all...

Richard Tate


We were so delighted to welcome last week music legend Mr. Kenny Rogers. Kenny flew in to meet our entire staff and to meet with executive staff about his books. We look forward to working with him on several outstanding projects in the works.

A few days after Kenny was here, two time Couintry Music Artist of the Year Neal McCoy came to meet with us about his book and music projects.

Both of the fine gentlemen are class acts all the way and Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group are honored to be able to consider a partnership with them. I will keep you informed as to the process and forthcoming projects.