Saturday, February 19, 2011

Law Number Four


Every person reading this blog has taken a stick or broom and destroyed the detailed, tedious, and impressive work of the spider. We all have “taken down” a spider web at one time or another. Every one of us reading this email has worked our heads off to get a sale, sell a book or get a task completed only to find that all of our efforts were "pulled down" by other people or circumstances we could not control. We have all had experiences when we gave a 110% effort to be the best we could be with people to find that they walked away and took a “stick” and tore down our beautifully designed and prepared work and plan. Be persistent. Don’t give up is a worn out phrase but is still true and needs to be our daily mantra. I have discovered it takes about 6 “no’s” until you can finally get to the “yes.” The spider comes back from the hunt, finds you have destroyed his work on the back porch, and says, “Fantastic, I see they did it again, tore down my web. I will just build a better one this time” and gets back to work. However, the spider just keeps on building and is always in Kings’ palaces. Don’t give up. If you are a quitter, get a job where the most difficult thing you have to do is ask, “Do you want fries with that?”
I was in a meeting Thursday with a gentleman who is a legend in the music business, Roy Clark. He wants to do his book with us about his life and experiences. He made a very fitting statement to me about his success. He said that it did not come easy. It took work, work, and more work, and then more persistence before there was any consideration of being in the Hall of Fame. There will be lot's of destroyed dreams and roadblocks on your way to success. See each one of them as an opportunity to grow and know.

Richard Tate

Richard Tate

Sunday, February 6, 2011


The Locust is simply lost without the swarm. A swarm can destroy ten thousand acres of grassland in Africa in less than an hour one bite at a time multiplied by a billion munches. In order to cross water the first Locusts’ to arrive at the stream throw themselves into the river and die. As the mound of dead Locust pile up the remaining billion or more following cross safely on the bridge composed of the dead bodies of their swarm. They are, in a very unusual way, the best example of TEAM on the planet. Each of us must do OUR individual job…one bite…our bite. Then with all of us taking our personal responsibility, the entire team succeeds. Cooperate, seek help, know your strengths and work in those every day, and make sure you do not let the team down…whatever sacrifice is necessary. Whatever it takes to achieve the goal by cooperating, making sacrifices, knowing the strength of “one bite at a time”, and the power of team makes us, and the swarm of locust, unstoppable.

In the world of books and publishing it takes a good hard working author, a publisher with a vested financial interest like Tate Publishing, and a great team of marketing experts and publicists such as the Tate Publishing staff. No one can skip their turn to "take a bite" of the work to be done.