Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tate Publishing Nationwide TV ads a huge success!!

When a book we publish releases our fine staff produces a world-class commercial and then our marketing and publicist divisions air those commercials on select channels NATIONWIDE. There is no publisher who provides that kind of marketing...not a single one. We are delighted to see how well this added program is going. Stay tuned for even more fabulous news from the marketing division in the coming months.
Dr. Richard Tate

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am always amazed at how much time our staff spends educating authors about the publishing industry. We sign many high profile authors who have great sales track records, a household name, and understand the industry. However, until we determine we can no longer continue with the option, we still accept unsolicited manuscripts from tens of thousands of aspiring authors from across the globe. Only about 2% are considered for our investment and publication. We now run nationwide commericals which are produced in house at the highest quality level and run on appropriate channels across America when a book is released. This gives each of our authors the exposure to millions. No publisher does for it's authors what Tate does. At this very moment, our Senior Director for Marketing and the Director of our publicist division are in New York City meeting with buyers about our new releases. They go each month and represent our authors. No one gets the effort Tate authors receive. No one.
Dr. Richard Tate

Monday, February 1, 2010


Friends and followers,
My TATE PUBLISHING EXECUTIVE blog usually features a few of the tons of wonderful emails I get from our authors and potential authors. I love sharing those. However, this time I want to shout from the rooftops about our new commercials we are now running on nationwide television. Our fantastic media division produces a world-class 30 second commercial featuring a new book release and then we air that commercial on national television! NO OTHER PUBLISHER IN AMERICA provides that for their one! We are very proud of this added marketing tool and want you to keep your eyes "peeled" for these 30 second beauties. Thanks again to our marketing and publicist divisions for this outstanding effort. No one does it better.
Dr. Richard Tate
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC


To Tate Publishing Staff,
I am not an established author, but I am hoping to become one. I just recently sent in several chapters of a book in which I am beginning a series for. It is not a completed book, or even an edited version of one. Simply nothing more than several roughly written chapters of a work that I am expanding on. Tate publishing did a very nice, complete and thorough job of explaining exactly what they do and exactly what they expect on their website. There was no doubt in my mind exactly what I was doing when I sent them the few chapters of the uncompleted book that I am working on. They quite specifically said that they would be happy to READ the portion that I had written to see if I actually had something that they MIGHT be interested in. I find absolutly no misrepresentation in this what-so-ever. This to me was a refreshing site to come upon after so many other less than honest sites. IF, by some chance that Tate decides that my works is in any way good enough to use me as one of their writters then I look forward to writting for them as I know that my works would be well taken care of. IF, they should decided that my works is not of their quality then I would have to believe that they took the time to check it over fairly. However whether or not they choose to publish my works or not has no bearing on how I will feel about the honesty of this company. I would have to say that if they do not choose your works, get over it. They are doing a great public service for as many writters as they possibly can and they should be commended for holding to a high set of standards. Weather or not they are the best is all opinion based. But having an A+ rating with the B.B.B. alone says a lot for them. Christian says the rest. Hats off to an honest publisher in a world of dishonest ones.
Tom F.


I have a friend that Tate is considering to publish. He wrote to me for an opinion..
I have been proud to be part of Tate, even though it has been a small part.
Dianna and I will be coming to you in the future with our projects.
Feel free to call on us to give an opinion if needed for those looking for people such as Tate to do their projects.

We all agree that Tate is great at what they do.
My friend Jeff B. will be signing with you soon as well. He asked me and I recommended you and will continue to do so.

God bless Tate.
John L.


Dr. Tate,

I am finding that a "thank you" letter to you and to your team is much harder to write than was my book! There are just not enough words to capture my appreciation of this process and the hard work your team put into working with me to make my dream a reality. From the editing process through the marketing process, each person I came into contact with was absolutely wonderful to work with. I will write again, but just wanted to say thank you so very, very much!

Kind Regards,

Kathryn D.


As a new author of children's stories I have found that getting published is not as easy as one would think. I am not an artist nor do I know how to work a computer program that will help me to do the artwork. To my regret I have invested in several programs that do not work. I want to go over what I have accomplished with Tate Publishing. I now have an artist at Tate Publishing who knows what I want and will help create my characters with an eye to new trends and marketability. I have enjoyed their professionalism which has been top notch. I had to put up a a refundable co-investment to help me get in to the market that I have no way of getting into on my own. This fee assists in the cost of someone else to do the art work which quotes from other companies and artists have been twice as high and when the book sells I get that investment refunded to me. Do I believe that I will automatically become a best seller with Tate. No I don't. I have to sell my work and what my work stands for. However, Tate Publishing is providing me with a chance to make it. Look at POD's and then look at what Tate Publishing has to offer. You will find it has integrity. To believe in yourself and then have a publishing company behind you who will return phone calls and emails the same day is unbelievable. Would I recommend Tate to other writers heck yes. I have already.
Rene' E. - Author