Friday, May 15, 2009


This nice email was sent to one of our fine marketing representatives who work so hard setting up events for authors.


 I had a great weekend at the North Texas Book Festival.  Not many people turned out, but it was a great experience.  I met two other Tate authors from Texas.  Only two of my books sold, but that was more than several people around me sold.  A young woman representing Hastings Book Store was there.  She came to my table to talk to me about Tate Publishing.  You are her favorite publisher.  She said your books were higher quality than any she has seen and talks up your company every chance she gets.  She borrowed one of my books to show some of the other authors.  One comment she made was that Hastings had received a book once that was very thin, poor quality and the price was $20.  She said if that had been Tate Publishing the price would have been $8.99.   


Sue B

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just received the email below from one of our acquisitions staff members and her experience with one of our fabulous marketing representatives.  I have been so proud of the culture of our company.  We were honored last year by the State Chamber to be named to the prestigious honor as "Best Place to Work in Oklahoma."  Tomorrow night we are being honored for the second year in a row as the "Best Place to Work in Oklahoma" award winner.  I was thinking of that honor just as the email below arrived in my inbox.  The reason our few authors get the kind of service they get is because of the daily culture of support and caring among our fine award winning staff.  I wanted to share this email with the friends who follow my blog...
Dr. Richard Tate 

Dr. Tate,

I want to commend Traci Jones for a continually doing such a great job. I know that I, as well as other reps, have had nothing but an outstanding experience working with her. She bends over backward for authors, and it doesn’t matter what is asked of her, she not only steps up to the plate, but she steps up to the plate with a smile. In my opinion, she worked hard to get where she is, and she values her job and is continually grateful and appreciative. She doesn’t take it for granted, and she is honored to be in her position. In short, she not only serves authors with her actions, and therefore serves Tate, but she serves with her heart. Employees like Traci, in my opinion, are a rare find. I have never been in marketing so I hope I am not speaking out of turn, but I hope throughout the years that I have learned a little about customer service, and I would stack Traci Jones up against anyone as far as this area goes. Thanks for letting me share!  

Stacy B.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Dr. Tate:
I just wanted to tell you that it was a pleasure meeting you and all those at Tate
Publishing yesterday.  The humble and joyful spirit of you and your staff was
evident and assures me, along with the quality of Tate Publishing, this is a good
company to be working with.
I met with several who were just a pleasure to talk to and work with, like Vince
Conn, Curtis Winkle and Nathan Harmony.  This really does not come as a surprise,
because whenever I have talked to or emailed anyone at Tate, this spirit of
cooperation and joy in their work has always come forth.  You are all to be commended
for what you are doing.
I look forward to working with you and what you and your wife have founded and trust
the Lord will continue to bless you and guide you in all the directions you take with
his wisdom any business needs.
Take care. 
Mark W

Monday, May 4, 2009


I received this fine email below from an author who "gets it."  Our authors make money but the purpose she outlines below is certainly worth merit...
Dr. Tate


If you are seeking money, then you have set up the wrong standard to write by. If you write for God or for the people to glorify God then you will succeed in the way that God meant for you to succeed.

The famous author Frank Herbert took six years to write "Dune" and won the Nebula and Hugo awards the same year for it. He was paid $7,500.00. It was a science fiction/fantasy with a religious allegory.

His children and his grandchildren finally saw an income from it but the author, like Moses, did not see the promised land while he yet was alive.

We are either meant to write or not meant to write. It is up to the author first, then the publisher, to make sure the book is the best it can be to present it to the public.

The money should not be a factor. If you want to make money then do that like other people and stay on a full-time job. If you do make money with your work that only proves you have earned the praise of some men. It still doesn't prove you earned any praise from God unless the work glorifies him in some way.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I received the following email today from an author and wanted to share this with you.
Dr. Tate

Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2009 9:57 AM
Subject: Startling publishing comparisons

Hey Dr.
 I never was impressed by these other publishers and their Hype. Let me tell you why I picked Tate Publishing. I belong to many Police organizations and one of them is The Fraternal Of Police which is a national organization of over 400 members. Recently There was an article about my story and book and in the same issue was an small ad by a retired NY State Trooper who wrote his fifth book. I E mailed him and asked him who his publisher was and he said Author House. He also said that he met another author  at a book signing and he spoke to him about his publisher. This author said Tate Publishing. He said that they are the best and he would never go with anyone else.  The Trooper then told me that he was so impressed that he seriously thought of changing publishers.   I then researched your company and was very impressed and that is why I chose Tate.  I would love to call you and talk to you .. . Maybe Police organizations might be an area for you to promote. It seems all us cops want to write stories. I will call next week.  
Take care
Jack J

Saturday, May 2, 2009


     Thanks so much for this kind email.  It means all the world to us to hear this from you.  We will continue to move forward with every integrity to continue to deserve your respect and trust.
Dr. Tate

Dear Dave;
As the Word states I will enter His gates with thankgiving in my heart and His courts with praise. The thanks today is for the wonderful work your team did on my novel. I was impressed by their efforts all too often they offered help when I was in a world of the unknown as a first time writer. Here are the folks I would like to thank by going through you.
Emily Wilson who I would never have made it to this point.
Amber Gulilat
Nathan Harmony both who were there even in the midnight hours.
Rachael Sweeden
Richard Tate who got me started.
Michelle McCormack
Kylie Lyons
Lindsay Behrens
Melissa Madole
If by chance I forgot someone it was not because of the efforts I am just not good at rememering who all I have been in contact with over this time. So thanks to the entire team. I look forward to another novel which is already complete with Tate Publishing.
In Jesus Christ;
N. M.