Monday, June 29, 2009


I am Rev. Claude W. K. Your company has published two of my books and I am now waiting completion of my third book with your company.
During my booksigning tours, there has been nothing but praise for Tate Publishing.
We made the rounds the past weekend from our home in Alabama. Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Mobile and Spanish Fort, AL and Pensacola, FL, were events set up by your marketing representative.
In these times with nothing but bad news, you might want to hear that Tate is flying high and appreciated in South Alabama and Northwest Florida. We heard nothing but praise for Tate Publishing Co. from the Barnes & Noble Booksellers staff, and even a customer who picked my book up said, "Oh, that's from Tate. It'll be Christian."
We were graciously received at each of the stores and they went out of their way to accomodate us, especially when we entered from the 100-degree heat outside.
Your staff members that have worked with me have been outstanding and my wife and I are appreciative.
Your servant in Christ,


Hello Dr. Tate---
We have just completed my first book with Tate Publishing.
The official release date will be August 18, 2009.
I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with everyone on your talented staff--a real joy!
I signed the contract with you on August 4, 2008 and 10 months later I had books in hand---very impressive!

So, thank you again for your wonderful staff---I am looking forward to working again with them on my second book.
And thank you for your generosity in so many ways---including royalties and free shipping for authors!

Continued blessings in the Lord to you and your staff.

Gary S

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Dear Richard,

I want to thank you and Tate Publishing for the books I just received. I appreciate all you have done for me. It has been such a blessing for me down through the years to work with such wonderful people and such an amazing staff of professionals.

I appreciate the outstanding job done by Kalyn, Leah and Lindsay. They all showed tremendous professionalism. I am pleased and excited with the finished product and the marketing program.

May the Lord continue to bless you and the work you are doing.

Kenneth M


I just had to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am that I chose Tate Publishing.
your team is amazing, I had the most wonderful people to work with. I am writing a series
of Detective Brodie novels, volume one is selling good. I can not wait to finish volume two,
I have recieved a lot of request for it. all this would not have been possible if not for
Tate Publishing.

Thank you
Susan B

Thanks from an author...

I want to let you know that I am having a very pleasant experience with Tate Publishing. My book is entitled The Adventures of a Common Man. I am a 1st time author and know next to nothing about the world of publishing. I researched many companies, but choose Tate because of the positive things I read about it on blogs and the fact that you publish family friendly material. This is a decision I do not regret.
Every contact I have had from Melissa Huffer to Jaime Bode has been uplifting. When talking with me, all seem to make me feel as if I am the only person on their agenda and there is no hurry. Also, all listen and make comments that indicate my words were indeed heard and understood. When Melissa told me Tate would like to offer me a contract, she actually told which part of my book she enjoyed the most and "why". I was totally blown away by that.
During my initial interview with Jaime Bode (my conceptual editor), it was evident to me that she was extremely interested in helping me write a better book. I did not expect to hear from her again until the end of this month, but I received an e-mail from her telling me that she was "fully engrossed" in my book and suggested that I had done a good job on it. I do not know if that is standard procedure to say, but it sure makes one feel good.
I truly appreciate the words of encouragement and positive feelings your staff project.
I can not wait to see the final outcome and hope that it a success for both of us.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Someone who does not understand the publishing business at all posted negative things about our company.  They did not take the time to call us, email us, or ask us anything.  Just whine.  One of our authors saw the post and posted the following in rebuttal...

Dr. Tate

Author: Barbie R

I am a Tate Publishing author. I am not sure who this man is talking about, but that is nothing like my experience at Tate.

From the moment I was accepted and offered a contract, all of my dealings with Tate Publishing have been exceptional. The staff has been courteous and helpful. I am a first time author and have had many questions and concerns.

I wanted to be in a partnership, as well. I did my research and found it is very difficult for a first time author to get a deal. Tate has taken a chance on me and I was willing to deplete my savings for an opportunity to get my book published. I have not gone into this expecting to become a millionaire. I have a story to tell and they have helped me tell it. I have had creative input, all the way from the formatting of the pages, spacing in the text, and I chose my oover. I received assistance every time I took a step. When my book sells 5000 copies I WILL get my money back and I WILL be able to have a second book published without any cash outlay. No one mentioned that fact.

My book is professionally bound and beautifully formatted. As far as them printing in Texas, Tate Publishing is a PUBLISHER, not a printer. There is a difference.

I think you have been unfair and very unkind with your words, and, quite frankly, if your tone and expletives are any indication, I am glad we don't share a publisher!


I just received this from a Tate Publishing author and wanted to share it...

I just want to say thank you to each one of you who helped in the process of my book. You have all been so nice to work with. I would recommend you to anyone looking to publish a book.

I never had the thought to write a book until God spoke it to my heart 2 ½ years ago. I didn’t know how to do any of this, but I told God that I would write and that I expected him to work out every detail of this book, and he has been soooo faithful to work out every detail and has just amazed me. I have so many stories of before this book came to you, one especially of how I found Tate publishing.

Last spring I submitted my book to Christian manuscripts submission online, hoping a publishing would be interested in this book. Last may God spoke fall to my heart on the timing of when that would happen. Well here is how I found your company.

My daughter was in soccer and we got to know this couple (Phil and Becky) during the season, she was a Christian and he wasn’t a believer. They were such a fun couple to sit with at each game. Third to the last game my daughter’s youth leaders came to watch and so I introduced them to Phil and Becky at the soccer game in July. Becky was talking with the youth leaders and then Phil looks at me and says “I don’t go to church.” I went home that night and thought he just kicked the door open to be witnessed to.

So my plan was with 2 games left to ask him what was keeping him from church. The day before the next game God spoke to my heart and said he wanted me to give Phil my book. I thought was a crazy idea, don’t know him well enough to give him my book, but God said to me I want him to hear about me the way you talk about me in your book. I wanted to be obedient but this was scary, I decided to obey, I printed off my manuscript and brought it to the 2nd to last game. I told his wife ahead of time and she said “did you know he is an avid reader, he reads a book every night.” I was shocked, confirmation or what? So I asked him the question about what’s keeping him from church and we talked for a while. Then I gave him the book. The last game he came back and gave it to me, he read it the night I gave it to him and he looked at me and said “who are you going to have publish this.” I said I didn’t know yet. And he recommended to check out Tate (he knew someone that had a book published from you).

I had never heard of Tate, so I looked you up on the internet and submitted it to you. Then fall came and you called to tell me you were almost done reviewing it. I actually had another publisher call the same day. A couple weeks went by and I had to let the other publisher know with in 2 weeks if I wanted to sign with them. I didn’t know if you guys were going to say yes, so I prayed for God to show me which publisher to have and I prayed you’d call within the next week to tell me, the very next morning you call and accepted it, so I knew that I should walk through this process with Tate.

Thank you for taking this on. I need to tell you something, as I was looking for publishers God spoke a promise to my heart. What he said was I will bless the publisher that picks up this book and brings it into completion. I know that he will bless your company, in his ways. Thank you for being obedient, I believe what God has laid on my heart for those that are hurting is important, even if he only intends for it to touch just one person, it is worth it.

I wanted to share that with you all, God is so faithful as we follow what he asks of us.

Thanks you again,

Wendy K.


Our staff and consultants montior author web sites daily.  They are filled with malcontents, unrealistic individuals, and those who monitor those web sites do nothing but create a forum for complaining and self-entitlement.  The world does not owe you a living.  If you view one of those sites you might be well served to consider the source.  Complainers and nothing more.  Call me on my personal cell number before you make any decisions about what you read on the world-wide web.  It is total nonsense from people who do not have the ability to help you with the truth.  If you want the facts and real help.  Call me or our people.  We may not be able to help you but we will give you the facts.  If you want to talk with someone who thinks the world owes you a living...get out there and blog.  You will find plenty of company.
Dr. Richard Tate


I usually ignore these kind of contacts but since Dog Ear Printing (a vanity press) is presenting incorrect information about our company on the internet I felt it would be appropriate to post this item.  If you ever have questions about Tate Publishing, call me personally at 1-888-361-9473.
Dr. Richard Tate

From: Anonymous <>

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What does distribution for your book really mean?":

I wish I had found Tate Publishing before I made the mistake of publishing my book with Dog Ear Publishing. It has been a nightmare experience for me, but my point here is only to report what happened. I am not trying to trash Dog Ear.

I will start with the positive. The book itself is very well made, and the cover is beautiful. The book has received rave reviews on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Powell's Books. This includes a recent five star review by Mid-West Book Review.

One might think that any publisher would be happy to have a book that is receiving rave reviews from total strangers. That is apparently not the case with Dog Ear.

I have been begging Dog Ear to send the book marks and post cards and other marketing materials that I paid for many months ago before they ever started working on the book. The book was published on November 24, 2008 and I still have no marketing materials from Dog Ear.

I had to beg Dog Ear to build the website that I paid for. When they finally got it ready I was so embarrassed by the way it looked that I paid another company to build a website that might actually sell some books.

I have told Dog Ear repeatedly that I have business groups setting up a very large book signing event, complete with press releases and probably TV interviews as well. Nevertheless, I still have not received any of the marketing materials.

I had to go to another source and have book marks made just so I would have something to use to help make people aware of the book. At this point I don't know if I will ever receive the book marks and other marketing materials from Dog Ear.

I also paid Dog Ear to make the book available through Kindle on Amazon, and to allow browsers to look inside the book on Amazon. Despite my constant reminders and begging, that still has not been set up.

Dog Ear told me to expect an 8-12 week timetable from submission to publishing. That also proved not to be true. I started emailing and calling after 8 weeks because I had heard nothing from Dog Ear.

It was about two weeks before I heard back from anyone. I received a huge apology that my book had gotten off the usual track, and promises were made that it would be expedited. These turned out to be empty promises.

Weeks later, with still no visible progress, I received the same apology and same assurances that publication of my book would receive priority attention. These were also empty promises.

With all the great reviews and attention that my book is receiving, I also regret using Dog Ear as a publisher because it does not have distribution and marketing channels for books that it publishes.

Because of all these problems that I had with Dog Ear, I started looking for other alternatives, and that is how I found Tate Publishing. I don't know if Tate Publishing will agree to publish a second edition of my book, but they are at least reading it, and they have been very prompt and courteous in responding to my inquiries.

If you have not made a decision about who to partner with on publishing a book, I recommend that you not make the same mistake that I made.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Gentlemen -
My name is Michael P. and I am one of your new authors.  I wanted to take this time as we draw near to the point where my book goes to print to express some thoughts to you.
From the beginning, when Janey Hays contacted me from Acquisitions to say my book had been accepted for publishing through the final stages with Stephanie Woloszyn in Creative Design, the journey has been extraordinary.  If the sampling of people on your staff that I worked with is a representation of your entire staff, you have an awesome and talented group of people working for you!
Amanda Reese in Editing went way beyond any job description to tirelessly work through the process and in that process, helped me to become a better writer.  Kandi Evans produced a cover design for my book that I felt so matched the content and the character of the book that it brought tears to my eyes. 
If I left anybody out, I apologize for everyone who worked with me on my book was professional, articulate, courteous, and always encouraging!
If the Lord permits, it would be a pleasure to meet you in person.
Now to marketing!
In Jesus,
Michael P.