Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was "musing" today about this publishing world and aspiring authors and as Disney's Snow White I felt like standing at the wishing well and singing my own version of "I'm Wishing." She was wishing for a handsome prince. I would be wishing for ten minutes on national television to speak to the 85% of all Americans who we are told by the AAP say they have a book in them. There is so much misunderstanding about how the system works today and the myriad of options available. Self-publishing, vanity presses, subsidy publishing, imprints, traditional publishing, and the list of options is seemingly endless. At Tate Publishing, we have developed an immensely successful model which gives aspiring authors their only real hope at the traditional publishing model. We can give an author an advance if their project and author profile meet certain specifications. The rules we use to determine whether an advance is justified (and we have given many, many author advances over the years) is the exact same process that any traditional publisher uses. We received in 2007 tens of thousands of submissions from around the world and only 3% were considered for publication. At least those individuals who submitted had a chance for publishing. No one else is even looking at or accepting unsolicited manuscripts. The biggest difference in the few authors who get to publish with Tate Publishing is this key element. We give them a great opportunity. This week alone we gave two second book authors with us nice advances. The have earned it. I will just keep on telling the story correctly and leave the "wishing well" to Disney princesses for now.

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