Monday, December 1, 2008


I was talking with an aspiring author today and could hear the excitement, enthusiasm, passion, and heart in every one of his words for his book. He, like so many I have spoken with over the years, want to profit financially but at the heart of his dream and vision was not money. It was something more powerful. He wants to see lives changed by people picking up his book, reading his thoughts, and implementing his ideas and principles in their lives. This is what really excited him and what was at the center of what he wanted as an aspiring writer.
As he spoke on, I kept glancing at a small item I have had on my desk for years. It is a simple acorn. A little tiny acorn. It is a constant reminder to me that all great achievements start small and with nurture and persistence they can become a mighty oak. As the old parable states when the man asked God to make him like a mighty oak, God answered, "Certainly," and gave him an acorn. Starting as a published author is so similar. You must work with us as your publisher to get the book done well, produced beautifully, marketed with enthusiasm, and then watch it grow. Eventually you have a mighty oak that casts benefit and shade to all who gather under it's branches. The pages of your book is filled with leaves. The leaves of a book and the leaves of a mighty oak tree are so similar. They both take time and lot's of effort. We partner together to make that happen. We are gratified to have been informed that in 2009 we will be one of the top ten book sellers in the industry with the world's largest book wholesaler. It did not happen overnight. Remember the lesson of the acorn. We have.

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