Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last night I sat in a ballroom crowd of over 200 at the annual Tate Publishing Christmas Gala. Employees entertained, the food was fabulous, the ladies all looked beautifully festive and the men were in their "Sunday best." It was a grand, grand, time. However, the moment which always stands out to me is when my son, the President and CEO of Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group delivers his annual "State of the Company" address to the crowd of company staff. In these questionable economic times most business leaders are preaching cut backs and gloom and doom. But at Tate Publishing, year after year the applause simply "roars" from the crowd as Ryan Tate gives specific detail after specific detail outlining our growth, our expansion, and greater success, and higher book sales in every area year after year. Authors are having more success, we are adding new staff consistently to handle growth, and able to give more than ever to support charitable and faith-based causes around the world. We have never received more submissions, never schedule more events for authors, and our plant hums in book production filling book orders 24 hours a day. Our thanks to each of our authors. They are the heartbeat that makes it all work. Tate Publishing is doom and gloom here!

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