Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When you are as large a company as is Tate Publishing you are not below the radar. We observe daily bloggers, internet sites, media outlets, newspapers, and everything else across the planet where our name or the names of our authors are mentioned. We see them all and reply in kindness. There is so much confusion in the world about publishing we discount most of the foolishness due to a lack of understanding. We always offer a contact for anyone on any blog site and to date after offering that many times we still do not have a taker. It makes me aware of the fact that folks who are rejected by our company (98% are who submit) don't handle that very well. That is understandable. However, our authors many times see these blogs and reply themselves. They are the best source of understanding. We have carried an A+ rating with the BBB for years and plan to continue to operate in a manner that will see that continue. The posts below are for your insight. They are from two of our authors who were responding of their own volition to nonsense they had read on a blog...enjoy.

Date: 12-16-09 11:36

I do not understand why so many people keep saying such wretched things about Tate, I got offered a contract, and If you actually talked with them.......they are soo..willing to work with people if they want to! That of course is up to them, I haven't had a bad experience yet..I can't wait til my book is printed!! I think they are amazing so far...and I am sure they will exceed my expectations! I email them pretty much daily...Stacy to be exact, and she takes the time out to answer me, every single question...anytime!

Re: About publishing with Tate
Author: M. L. Date: 12-20-09 23:31

I recently had my first book published by Tate, and it was just released... I wrote this book last year when I was deployed to Iraq. I never planned on writing a book, but God put this in my spirit while in the desert. The day that I arrived home on American soil from Iraq, I got online and looked for Christian publishers and Tate seemed to be the most credible. I emailed them my manuscript and they called me the same day to tell me they wanted to publish my book. I was very excited about this because I am a "nobody" in this industry and Tate wanted to bring me in. The publishing process was kind of lengthy but I was kept informed of everything that was happening. I had the final "say so" of anything concerning my book and I was impressed by the follow up of any issue I addressed. I was very satisfied by my book cover design and the book layout. My book is in all bookstores nationwide along with having done some television interviews that can be seen on YouTube. I am new to this industry but my vision for my book is a motion picture and music sountrack, thus proving that our God is almighty. I thank Tate Publishing for giving me the opportunity to worship God through my writings and I look forward to what God is going to do with my book

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Warren Baldwin said...

Found Tate Pub through Emily Ann Benedict, author of a book you published. I am interested in learning more of your company. I have one self-pub book already which you can see on my blog, top right column. Also, the current post, "Married to the Wrong Person," is a chapter in my next book. If possible, could you have someone at your company look at my blog and see how my writing compares with what you are looking for in authors? http://www.warrenbaldwin.blogspot.com/

If you pub one of my books, how do you market them? Do you put books in Christian books stores? My current self-pub company does not.