Monday, December 7, 2009


When my son, who is President and CEO of our companies told me he had challenged our production staff to come up with a way to create our children's books in 3-D I never doubted him and our staff for a second.

Only two weeks later, we began to roll off the presses the only 3-D children's books in existence. Every Tate Publishing children's book will now be available in a 3-D version with glasses included in the book for viewing.

When I saw the final product I was absolutely amazed! On each page it appears you can "reach into" the action. What a great benefit to each of our authors. Once again, our fine staff have raised the bar to a new level of achievement. 3-D children's books today and who knows what amazing things will come tomorrow? Hologram books??? Don't put it past them at all...

Richard Tate

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flighttoinsanity said...

sounds pretty cool. way to go.