Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tate Publishing Nationwide TV ads a huge success!!

When a book we publish releases our fine staff produces a world-class commercial and then our marketing and publicist divisions air those commercials on select channels NATIONWIDE. There is no publisher who provides that kind of marketing...not a single one. We are delighted to see how well this added program is going. Stay tuned for even more fabulous news from the marketing division in the coming months.
Dr. Richard Tate


Tbone said...

I am impressed with your company's
"vertical handle" on the publishing process. Your understanding of the market combined with ingenuity and creativity built on your solid foundation of faith is a winning combination.

JRPoulter said...

I have to say you are incredibly supportive of your authors and you team, no wonder your company does do well! You seem to bring out the best in everyone associated with the projects you take on!