Monday, February 1, 2010


As a new author of children's stories I have found that getting published is not as easy as one would think. I am not an artist nor do I know how to work a computer program that will help me to do the artwork. To my regret I have invested in several programs that do not work. I want to go over what I have accomplished with Tate Publishing. I now have an artist at Tate Publishing who knows what I want and will help create my characters with an eye to new trends and marketability. I have enjoyed their professionalism which has been top notch. I had to put up a a refundable co-investment to help me get in to the market that I have no way of getting into on my own. This fee assists in the cost of someone else to do the art work which quotes from other companies and artists have been twice as high and when the book sells I get that investment refunded to me. Do I believe that I will automatically become a best seller with Tate. No I don't. I have to sell my work and what my work stands for. However, Tate Publishing is providing me with a chance to make it. Look at POD's and then look at what Tate Publishing has to offer. You will find it has integrity. To believe in yourself and then have a publishing company behind you who will return phone calls and emails the same day is unbelievable. Would I recommend Tate to other writers heck yes. I have already.
Rene' E. - Author

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