Monday, February 1, 2010


To Tate Publishing Staff,
I am not an established author, but I am hoping to become one. I just recently sent in several chapters of a book in which I am beginning a series for. It is not a completed book, or even an edited version of one. Simply nothing more than several roughly written chapters of a work that I am expanding on. Tate publishing did a very nice, complete and thorough job of explaining exactly what they do and exactly what they expect on their website. There was no doubt in my mind exactly what I was doing when I sent them the few chapters of the uncompleted book that I am working on. They quite specifically said that they would be happy to READ the portion that I had written to see if I actually had something that they MIGHT be interested in. I find absolutly no misrepresentation in this what-so-ever. This to me was a refreshing site to come upon after so many other less than honest sites. IF, by some chance that Tate decides that my works is in any way good enough to use me as one of their writters then I look forward to writting for them as I know that my works would be well taken care of. IF, they should decided that my works is not of their quality then I would have to believe that they took the time to check it over fairly. However whether or not they choose to publish my works or not has no bearing on how I will feel about the honesty of this company. I would have to say that if they do not choose your works, get over it. They are doing a great public service for as many writters as they possibly can and they should be commended for holding to a high set of standards. Weather or not they are the best is all opinion based. But having an A+ rating with the B.B.B. alone says a lot for them. Christian says the rest. Hats off to an honest publisher in a world of dishonest ones.
Tom F.

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