Friday, February 6, 2009


Blogging can be a nice communication and point of contact. It can share information, connect nice folks, update seekers regarding needs they have and how they can be met, and much more. However, we all are aware of the fact that there are a lot of "school yard bullies" out there who have made the internet and blogging their way of moaning, whining, and complaining without having to verify anything they are saying or accepting any cuplability, verification or responsibility. The saddest element is that some folks read this nonsense and believe it. Sad.
It was reported to me today by a friend in the publishing industry on the east coast that Writer's News Weekly is reporting that negative bloggers have been hit hard legally. It is high time they get what is coming to them that has been long overdue. David Kuzminiski who is the owner of Preditors and Editors has been sued for libel for his remarks on that "so-called" author friendly web site. He was hit with a $250,000.00 penalty award in favor of the press according to the report I received. There are two others against that same blog site which are pending their penalty award. To confirm any of this you may want to check the Writer's News Weekly web site. If I have any of my information wrong please let me know. If all of this is true, it is about time that those who have nothing more to do than complain and misrepresent have to "pay the piper." Planning to blog? Watch what you say and make sure it is true and responsible. We do.

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