Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My blog is often unlike the blogs of other executive staff in our company. My son, the President and CEO of Tate Publishing is industry "savvy" and his blogs are informative and full of industry insight. Other staff write about similar issues. Like a proud father I seem to gravitate to wanting to make my missive a "brag blog" more than it possibly should be. My grandfather had a saying that I did not understand at first. He would say about all of us grandchildren that, "My crows are the blackest!" We all know that ALL crows are equally black. He love for us was at the center of his "blackest" reference. When he looked at all the "crows" his stood out as "blacker" than the rest because of his appreciation for them. When it comes to our fine staff, they are, in my opinion, the "blackest." No one is better. That is why the following statements from a few of our authors are in my blog today. These unsolicited remarks from the few folks we sign to contracts confirm about our staff that "My crows are indeed the blackest!" Brag blogging to follow...


Greetings Richard, Ryan, and Trinity, I first want to apologize for this unsolicited note, but I wanted to share my gratitude with you all. I am on your staff's production schedule, as your Acquisitions Team picked up my manuscript for publication recently. My edits haven't begun yet, but I'm almost giddy with anticipation. So much so, that I dreamed about you three last night. Isn't that funny? You are all very gracious, kind, and humorous. I am sure that would hold true if/when I meet you in person in the future. All my life, I dreamed of being a writer. I'm so grateful it is your company that is providing the avenue by which to share it, and make my dreams come true. Again, thank you for this amazing opportunity! Have a blessed day! You've blessed mine, that's for sure!

Kay H.


First of all, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and to your wonderful staff ! What a joy and a privilege it has been these last six months to be able to work with such great and talented people as we've put together my book. Your staff has been fantastic during this whole publishing process. They have helped me create a delightful book for young toddlers.
Again, thank you for believing in me enough to publish my books. I look forward to my continued relationship with Tate Publishing as we launch the publishing of my 2nd book.

Tom A.

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