Saturday, February 14, 2009


From time to time, we see on the internet other companies try to discredit Tate Publishing. They get desperate in their attempts. One such company even has a brazen ad on their site which shouts, "Don't Use Tate Publishing." Their remarks are ludicrous and incorrect. When you do things like competitors sometimes do it eventually comes back to bite you. We received a lengthy email from an author who signed with that self-publishing vanity press with list after list of complaints, lack of service, failure to provide what was promised, and much more. We will not stoop to post those complaints sent to us (the reason for the email was that the author writing was contacting us to say he wished he had signed with Tate if we would have taken his book) about that publisher. Not our style. Just remember. When you read things on the internet make sure you check out the facts. We are sorry to hear about the bad experience but I am not at all surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly there are many negative people out there!
It is interesting that everyone who publishes with Tate has nothing but praise for the amazing job you do, and thanks for the chance you give to many of us!
I'm just signing my second book and haven't even looked for a different publisher. I've never met a more dedicated, lovely, professional bunch of people than those who work for Tate.

Martyn Perry
With the Multitude of Angels.