Friday, February 20, 2009


I am always pleased to get these kind of contacts from our authors...I wanted to share this with you. In Monday staff meetings each week our entire staff prays for author requests and the process of our company. We pray that our team will be a blessing to our authors. Here is a result of that company culture and our respect for our authors.

I received a frantic voice message late last night from one of our children's book authors. She left me a number to call back today about what she said was a critical problem with her book. When I called her back she immediately apologized for the late call and said that she had spoken with Jim Miller of our staff and everything was fine now and told me she did not need to speak with me after all and appreciated being able to have my cell number to call about possible problems. She went on to say that when she called her editor, Jim Miller, about her concern about something that had been accidentially left out of her book she said that he was, in her words, "Fabulous." She said, "Dr. Tate, Jim Miller is a true professional. When he called me back and we talked he was so wonderful, caring, and helpful that I had tears in my eyes of the gratitude for his work. I did not believe my story could be better than how I had written it. He not only made my story better but made it fabulous with his ideas, suggestions, and insight. He is typical of everyone I have worked with at your company. He returns phone calls and emails immediately, is polished and skilled, and treats me with great respect. I could not be happier with Tate Publishing and it is totally because of Jim Miller. I know that my work with him will be over very soon and I will be moving on to cover design and layout. I am excited to do that but I am deeply saddened that I will no longer be working with Jim. Please give him my thanks for making this problem go away so quickly." I told her I would inform Jim of her call and words. This effort is the standard we expect from every employee in the company.

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