Saturday, May 2, 2009


     Thanks so much for this kind email.  It means all the world to us to hear this from you.  We will continue to move forward with every integrity to continue to deserve your respect and trust.
Dr. Tate

Dear Dave;
As the Word states I will enter His gates with thankgiving in my heart and His courts with praise. The thanks today is for the wonderful work your team did on my novel. I was impressed by their efforts all too often they offered help when I was in a world of the unknown as a first time writer. Here are the folks I would like to thank by going through you.
Emily Wilson who I would never have made it to this point.
Amber Gulilat
Nathan Harmony both who were there even in the midnight hours.
Rachael Sweeden
Richard Tate who got me started.
Michelle McCormack
Kylie Lyons
Lindsay Behrens
Melissa Madole
If by chance I forgot someone it was not because of the efforts I am just not good at rememering who all I have been in contact with over this time. So thanks to the entire team. I look forward to another novel which is already complete with Tate Publishing.
In Jesus Christ;
N. M.

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