Thursday, June 4, 2009


Someone who does not understand the publishing business at all posted negative things about our company.  They did not take the time to call us, email us, or ask us anything.  Just whine.  One of our authors saw the post and posted the following in rebuttal...

Dr. Tate

Author: Barbie R

I am a Tate Publishing author. I am not sure who this man is talking about, but that is nothing like my experience at Tate.

From the moment I was accepted and offered a contract, all of my dealings with Tate Publishing have been exceptional. The staff has been courteous and helpful. I am a first time author and have had many questions and concerns.

I wanted to be in a partnership, as well. I did my research and found it is very difficult for a first time author to get a deal. Tate has taken a chance on me and I was willing to deplete my savings for an opportunity to get my book published. I have not gone into this expecting to become a millionaire. I have a story to tell and they have helped me tell it. I have had creative input, all the way from the formatting of the pages, spacing in the text, and I chose my oover. I received assistance every time I took a step. When my book sells 5000 copies I WILL get my money back and I WILL be able to have a second book published without any cash outlay. No one mentioned that fact.

My book is professionally bound and beautifully formatted. As far as them printing in Texas, Tate Publishing is a PUBLISHER, not a printer. There is a difference.

I think you have been unfair and very unkind with your words, and, quite frankly, if your tone and expletives are any indication, I am glad we don't share a publisher!

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