Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just received this from a Tate Publishing author and wanted to share it...

I just want to say thank you to each one of you who helped in the process of my book. You have all been so nice to work with. I would recommend you to anyone looking to publish a book.

I never had the thought to write a book until God spoke it to my heart 2 ½ years ago. I didn’t know how to do any of this, but I told God that I would write and that I expected him to work out every detail of this book, and he has been soooo faithful to work out every detail and has just amazed me. I have so many stories of before this book came to you, one especially of how I found Tate publishing.

Last spring I submitted my book to Christian manuscripts submission online, hoping a publishing would be interested in this book. Last may God spoke fall to my heart on the timing of when that would happen. Well here is how I found your company.

My daughter was in soccer and we got to know this couple (Phil and Becky) during the season, she was a Christian and he wasn’t a believer. They were such a fun couple to sit with at each game. Third to the last game my daughter’s youth leaders came to watch and so I introduced them to Phil and Becky at the soccer game in July. Becky was talking with the youth leaders and then Phil looks at me and says “I don’t go to church.” I went home that night and thought he just kicked the door open to be witnessed to.

So my plan was with 2 games left to ask him what was keeping him from church. The day before the next game God spoke to my heart and said he wanted me to give Phil my book. I thought was a crazy idea, don’t know him well enough to give him my book, but God said to me I want him to hear about me the way you talk about me in your book. I wanted to be obedient but this was scary, I decided to obey, I printed off my manuscript and brought it to the 2nd to last game. I told his wife ahead of time and she said “did you know he is an avid reader, he reads a book every night.” I was shocked, confirmation or what? So I asked him the question about what’s keeping him from church and we talked for a while. Then I gave him the book. The last game he came back and gave it to me, he read it the night I gave it to him and he looked at me and said “who are you going to have publish this.” I said I didn’t know yet. And he recommended to check out Tate (he knew someone that had a book published from you).

I had never heard of Tate, so I looked you up on the internet and submitted it to you. Then fall came and you called to tell me you were almost done reviewing it. I actually had another publisher call the same day. A couple weeks went by and I had to let the other publisher know with in 2 weeks if I wanted to sign with them. I didn’t know if you guys were going to say yes, so I prayed for God to show me which publisher to have and I prayed you’d call within the next week to tell me, the very next morning you call and accepted it, so I knew that I should walk through this process with Tate.

Thank you for taking this on. I need to tell you something, as I was looking for publishers God spoke a promise to my heart. What he said was I will bless the publisher that picks up this book and brings it into completion. I know that he will bless your company, in his ways. Thank you for being obedient, I believe what God has laid on my heart for those that are hurting is important, even if he only intends for it to touch just one person, it is worth it.

I wanted to share that with you all, God is so faithful as we follow what he asks of us.

Thanks you again,

Wendy K.

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Diane said...

I would like to know the name of the book this author is writing. After what she wrote, now I have to buy it! Thanks, Diane