Monday, November 16, 2009


Dr. Tate,

When I first started writing my book I knew it would be hard for me to do because I am mostly bed ridden. I wrote the book from laying flat and I had a broken arm from passing out do to my pyhsical disability. But, I told my husband if one person's life changes because of my book then it will be worth all the hard work.

I was sitting at my book signing saturday with my legs up and my iv flowing and a lady stopped and grabbed my hand and asked, "are you L.A.?" She began to cry, saying her life has been changed because of the book. She said she suffers from my rare condition and found the book a month earlier and couldn't believe there was a book on her condition even on the shelf. She said I had to drop to my knees I was overwhelmed to finally find someone who could relate to my illness. She then said she no longer feels sorry for herself. She said I attend church and thought I new Jesus as my Savior, but after reading your book I knew I was not saved. She said she followed the prayer on the last page of the book and asked Jesus into her heart. She said, I cannot begin to tell you how over the last month how my life has changed because of your book. You saved my life, I was living for myself and now I am living for Jesus Christ and I can handle my illness better. Tears flowing down her face, she thanked me. Her husband was with her and said, yes, she is totally changed and is helping others.
I knew right away she was that one person I was talking about while writing and editing the book. Two people bought the book for their doctor to read and to place in their offices.
For me it isn't about how many books I sell, but that the people who need Jesus will find the book. Even if it is a few hundred. I could have left God out and sold the book to more sick people.

Thank again for giving me a voice, for so many years I have written,faxed, emailed, beggged , pleaded and cried because I was never heard, but Tate gave me a voice, a voice. Thank you for letting me tell the world that I do believe in Jesus Christ, that he is my life and He is the answer to my problems.
LFA, author

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