Thursday, November 12, 2009


Many of you may not know that Tate Publishing owns and operates a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art print facility here near our corporate offices in Oklahoma City. We just recently completed an 8,000 square foot additon to accommodate our growth and business has just never been better. We are adding new staff each month. One area we have wanted to bring in house for some time and are finalizing at this moment is the ability to produce dust jacket case bound (hardback) versions of our books and children's books. We are about to purchase the equipment which will make that happen and once again we will move to the front of the class in the publishing industry. Hardback is coming very soon and I will keep you informed.
One of the most exciting things we are doing as one of the largest producers of full-color children's books in the nation was a recent concept of my son, Ryan, who is President and CEO of both our publishing and music divisions. He has led the staff to be able to develop the technology to produce and release each of our beautiful children's book in the standard color versions and also in full color 3-D!!!!! Each 3-D book will come with an enclosed pair of 3-D glasses for viewing. Tate Publishing not only continues to lead the industry in so many areas but also sets new standards and raises the bar every single day. I assure you that there will be more fantastic ideas to come from our staff. 3-D books...on the way.
Richard Tate, Founder and Chairman of the Board
Tate Publishing


Thomas Kumlehn said...

Does "full colour" 3-D mean, you do not use anaglyph glasses ?
Great ! I wonder what viewer you use.

myletterstoemily said...

any interest in publishing a child-rearing book, written from an older mom to a younger mom?

see my blog for possible material

thank you