Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Have you ever gotten a letter, email, or even a phone message from an "anonymous" person? I find it fascinating that from time to time I get messages from an "anonymous" individual. You never know if the person is for real or not since they seem to be fearful of their identity. I have written political figures from US Presidents to our local council people with concerns, disagreements, and issues, but have NEVER sent it from me as "anonymous." It just makes no sense to me to want to express an opinion and get a resolve but not let the person I am writing know who is writing. I would not be afraid of the truth and I am not sure why "anonymous" folks are fearful and hide behind that word. I am proud to stand for what I believe with my name, phone number, and address. If I disagree or agree I want you to know who I am. I am not afraid to take responsibility for my statements and actions. I have never, and never will, hide behind, "anonymous." If you are "anonymous" then you should remain just that...ignored until you are willing to show your face and have confidence that your position has validity.

The following statement about "anonymous" writers is directly from the http://www.wikihow.com/ website which deals with issues such as this.

"Anonymous letters can be both psychologically and ethically difficult to deal with. This is because the author usually knows that he/she will have free reign with the content of their letter. This tends to make the letter writer over confident as well as highly critical. Psychologically and morally they are no longer bound by the rules of society and instead act as they would if no person were there to judge them."

I would certainly do not plan to judge anyone but would love to have the opportunity to learn from "anonymous" something valuable more than the fact that they do not want to take responsibility for their words and actions. I would never post a statement or question on this blog from "anonymous" since I do not know if they are serious about the question or about the truth. Too bad, conversation and interaction can do wonders...for everyone but "anonymous." I am confident that if I sent "anonymous" an "anonymous" email it would not be well received and "anonymous" would not be a happy "anonymous" person. If any potential authors, current authors, or just interested folks want to call or chat...let's do it face to face. "Anonymous" just does not work for me and I doubt it works for you either.

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