Friday, October 24, 2008


My manuscript has been accepted by Tate and I am thrilled and feel very blessed. I researched publishing houses for several years and always found myself going back to Tate. They're honest and upfront and very professional. What unknown writers need to remember is this; most "traditional" publishers won't even take a glance at an unsolicited writer's work. The manuscripts that these writers poured their souls into are either marked "return to sender" without even being looked at or they're destroyed. Tate offers an upfront and informative way for the first time author, to get their work in print and out into the mainstream bookstores. Sounds like a win-win situation to this first time author. What I'd like Tate to know, is that with W.J. Harding, they've signed an energetic, go getter who promises good writing and even better selling and who also promises to be just one, of Tate Publishing's upcoming successes...not only personal success but an asset to Tate. I look forward to a long, successful business relationship with Tate. Thank God, for providing me with a way to make my lifelong dream, a reality! God Bless the fine folks at Tate!

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Cliff said...

Dr. Tate,

I currently have the pleasure of walking through your production process with two books simultaneously, and I must say, I could not be happier with my experiences so far.

I submitted a manuscript last spring after carefully studying the publishing industry and finding your business model fascinating. The production process has been wonderful, I could not have been happier with my editor Matt and my cover designer Leah. I also found the acquisitions process with Donna to be an affirming and warm experience.

As much as I enjoyed the production of that first manuscript, a Christian living title about teenage boys, it was when I turned in a novel that I saw what was so special about your company. A friend of mine is a highly successful freelance writer in the traditional publishing industry, and when he looked over the contract that Ryan signed for my second book, he said I had struck pay dirt and that he would be looking into submitting material to Tate as well.

Without even having sold a single copy of my first book and still several months away from its release, I was offered an even more generous contract with book #2.

Know that you have a strong advocate in me, a young man in his late 20's who intends to work hard for your company and produce material for years to come. Whether I sell one book or one million, Tate Publishing is my publisher from here on out.

Forgive the over-the-top descriptions, but I know you guys have been unfairly beat up by clueless bloggers and other folks who don't understand the realities of publishing, and I felt that the more people hear from your actual authors who have partnered with you, the more we can dispel the myths. I would be happy to answer any email a prospective author looking into Tate Publishing might send, giving them a sort of "boots on the ground" vantage point of the process.

God bless you and the wonderful people there.

Cliff Graham