Sunday, October 19, 2008


Since we have attempted to negotiate with many blog sites which simply are lying to unsuspecting authors about the publishing industry (not only about Tate Publishing but many other publishers and agents as well) to tell the truth we have been forced to take legal action. Tate Publishing is now joining other publishers by filing trademark infringement and copyright violation lawsuits against  Absolutewrite, Writersnet, Writerbeware, and several other individuals and web sites. Word has gotten around the industry of our action and I am getting support emails from publishers and others. These lies misrepresent the truth and cause great grief for aspiring authors. The following email is typical of what I am getting.

Dear Mr. Tate,
Thank you so much for standing up against You are not only representing Tate Publishing, but hundreds of independent publishers and literary agencies that have been falsely judged by disparaging, hurtful and libelous comments on the Internet. Blogs and web sites that offer free advice to "save unknowing writers from being used by scam artists" have some sort of motivation for doing so. Whether that incentive is to draw an audience to offered services or products, benefit through the sale of advertising on their site, or most likely to influence readers with a self-serving agenda—there’s definitely some underlying reason for what might at first appear to be virtuous and altruistic actions.
Martin-McLean Literary Associates, LLC has been successfully selling mss and giving new writers a chance since 1986. The Internet has created many new obstacles, however, we've stayed on course, concentrating on selling mss for our clients and doing our best to ignore what goes on in cyberspace. Unfortunately, a lot of valuable time is wasted on defending ourselves and responding to questions written by potential writers or worried clients.
Your efforts are appreciated more than you know. Thank you.
All best,
Lisa Martin

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