Monday, October 13, 2008


It is a beautiful Monday here at Tate Publishing and football, fall festivals, and family fun is certainly in the air. I was so delighted this morning that as I walked to the Tate Publishing building from our parking lot this morning that the cheery faces of our wonderful staff brightened my day immediately. They are not young people but because I am such an "OLD" guy they all look so enthusiastic and full of enthusiasm. I am proud of the dozens and dozens of Tate Publishing staff members who work diligently every day to assist each of the few authors we sign to achieve their dreams.
At the very moment I sat down at my desk my phone rang. It was one of our authors calling from the east coast. Diane was wanting to tell me how much it meant to her that she had been able to get published and how wonderful it was working with our staff. She said that they always stayed in touch, took her project seriously, met and exceeded every expectation, and even more. We get enough criticism from time to time from aspiring authors who do not understand why we would reject their manuscript for publication. It is always a delight to hear from someone who has ACTUALLY WORKED with us and our staff who shares with me their exceptionally positive experience. That is our minimum goal with each author who signs with Tate Publishing. Have a great Monday yourself and may all your phone calls be positive!

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MCPO said...

This is the Master Chief. I haven't got much time so I'll make it short. I talked and corresponded with one of your employeeds today. Sara Wood answered my e-mail and then followed up with a call. She was the very essence of tact and diplomacy, not to mention very informed. It was a pleasure working with her. When the time comes, and it will, "Tate" will have first shot at "Heroes All" Sound arrogant? Perhaps so, but I have confidence in me and I trust you. That will be enough to get this project through.


AVCM Gordon W. Farrell, USN (retired)