Thursday, March 26, 2009


So glad to have this wonderful email to share with you today.
Dr. Tate

On Mar 24, 2009, at 11:14 AM, F M wrote:

I am a recently published author from Tate Publishing... I have had a fantastic experience with Tate Publishing. Your staff is focused, professional, timely, and sensitive to the author’s creative process. I am currently in the marketing stage. I have been working with marketing. I have a vision that the world can read this book, as it is a dairy that depicts the perils of abuse, the power of alcoholism, and the destruction to the soul that occurs in abuse. As I watched the Oprah show on abused women, the missing component the question of why women stay, why women tolerate abuse, was the power of God. AS I turned my life over to God, literally and faced the demons of my own soul, a mightily change in me occurred. I explained this to the producers of the Oprah show. I expect that I will be hearing form them shortly. My vision is for Tate Publishing to prepare for the powerful use of the media in the marketing of this book. I know that this book can make a difference in the lives of women suffering from abuse. I know that the answer is in the hands of God, surrender, and allow the grace of His hand to literally change us into true disciples of the Lord. I look forward to a continued relationship with Tate. Thank you for your fantastic company, for all that you company stands for, and for the partnership we have created. I also have a completed screen play. It was inspired by the work of C. S. Lewis, it is called “Fallen Angel.” It is a story about the temptations of Satan upon the world. I would like to submit it as well to your company.Thanks for all you stand for.Always,

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melaia said...

The encouragement and the positive advise from your staff is greatly appreciated.

I have just forward my work from the South Pacific to be published by your office. When I talked with Kent and Mellisa my spirit fill with such peace.

Thank you for the inspiration and all your excellent work.

Melaia Ostling