Sunday, March 22, 2009


I received the following emails sent to us from authors who have worked with our professional editors. I am very proud to share these with you. Our authors get the very best...and nothing less.
Dr. Richard Tate

"Vince is knowledgeable. He never failed to respond to a question I had, and he went out of his way to meet me when I showed up in Mustang. Before I submitted the manuscript to Tate, a veteran writer told me, “Those editors will not go over your work with a fine-toothed comb. You better be good because you will be stuck with your own abilities.” But that writer was wrong. Vince Conn kindly but thoroughly walked me through the editorial maze with skill. I am proud of him."

"After having spent so much time writing the manuscript, I was too familiar with the content and the flow as I was accustomed to it. Angela's "fresh eyes" brought to my attention many things that could be said better, other things that were redundant, and some sections that needed much more explaining."
"She pointed out areas in my manuscript which needed strengthening and/or clarification. She also pointed out areas with transition problems. Angela was a joy to work with, very encouraging and professional."
"Emily gave me candid, kind and honest feedback about how I could improve my book without insulting me. I heeded many of her suggestions. She also was very flexible about sections of the book that I chose not to change. This was a great experience for a first time author."
"Emily made me a much better writer. I have no doubt whatsoever that the finished product is much, much better today than it was when I originally submitted it. Her suggestions were "spot on" and she was always there to answer any questions that I had in a very professional and kind way."
"He hammered me where I needed it and he praised where he thought it appropriate. We met as strangers, worked ascolleagues and parted as friends. I began to understand how his head works and I believe he got completely behind the way my heart beats. We coulddebate, discuss, differ—all to improve the end product. And don’t leave the humor out of the equation."
"Meghan was pleasant and affirming to work with. The best thing I liked was that I could tell she had truly read the book carefully and with great interest. All of her comments were in line with the progress of the story and made it better. I never got the feeling that I was "just one more author." Meghan offered several insights into the content of the book, suggested areas that needed strengthened such as character differentiation, and pointed out inconsistencies and confusing passages."

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Diane said...

Hello, I left a post about a week ago wondering if a book ends up looking much different from the original after all of the editing. I left the post in the form of a question - a sincere question. You say on the top of your blog page that "We look forward to discussing on this blog...and to give our authors and potential authors helpful information and updates on the process to be published." That was what I was looking for when I left the response - helpful information. I'm rather disappointed that my comment wasn't posted and that I haven't received an answer to my sincere question. The ignoring of my post doesn't seem to fit with what I've been reading about Tate Publishing.